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EMPIRE ON EDGE | A graphic novel by Jonah Newman


To Aaron Newman and Alex Larned, for their on-call storytelling expertise and for putting up with way too many scripts.
To Joanna Howard and Brian Evenson, for their advice and insight on my very earliest drafts.
To Lincoln Peirce and Jason Lutes, for their supremely generous, thorough feedback.

To Carl Potts, for accepting and shaping me and my crazy project when I was a student in his class. 

To Dante O'Connell, Carly Feinman, Najib Ishaq, Gena Topper, Andrew Finn, Harry Neuert, Maddie Muzdakis, and too many other friends to name, whose feedback and support helped sustain me in the perilous middle stages. 

To Estelle Margolis, for her keen eye for color and for being my number one fan.

To Abby and Chris Newman, for perpetual, unconditional love and support.

To the rest of my family and anyone who's ever believed in me, for cheering me on. Thank you all.

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